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Welcome to Danita and be enchanted by our bedding, swimwear and tableware.

High quality sewing trade

OK, So Why Danita?

Well, lots of reasons, and the most important are below ...

The best products for you
and for your home

Know the Danita

Quality, durability, sustainability and human valorization

> Purpose <

Raise the well-being and value of people and their jobs, raising awareness about consuming and/or producing with love and for love!

> Quality <

We meet the needs of our target market, always innovating through quality products that guarantee the satisfaction of our customer.

> Service <

On this very important point, we let our customers speak for us! Click on the link below and see:



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> Mission <

Contribute to the development and generation of employment and income, enabling the most diverse forms of artisanal production in the region, being a reference in innovation and credibility.

> Vision <

To be recognized as the best company in the Bed, Table and Bath trade, trimmings, fabrics and accessories in the Sertão da Paraíba.

> Values <

Faith | Innovation | Co-commitment | Credibility | Wellness | Team spirit | commercial excellen

our partners

Companies that strengthen us


Our Products

Main products available in our store. To learn more and buy the products click on more information.